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    Taixing Smelting Plant Co., Ltd.


    Taixing Smelting Plant Co., Ltd.

    Drafting unit of "Industrial Cuprous Oxide", "Industrial Basic Copper Carbonate"...

    The high-end production base of cuprous oxide and high-purity basic copper...









      ABOUT US

      As a "National High-tech Enterprise", Taixing Smelting Plant Co., Ltd.(former Smelting Plant) is a specialized manufacturer of basic copper carbonate, High purity electroplated copper oxide, cuprous oxide, copper oxide, anhydrous copper sulfate, sponge copper powder and by-product polyaluminium chloride (water purifier) and other inorganic salt products; moreover, we are able to process 15,000 tons of ammonia-free copper chloride etching solution (HW22) yearly. Established in the early 1970s...



    Specializes in the production of basic copper carbonate, active copper oxide, cuprous oxide, copper oxide, anhydrous copper sulfate and sponge copper powder...

    Cooperative partner

    Our product quality has reached the advanced level of similar products at home and abroad and exported to the United States, Western Europe, South Korea, Japan.

    advantages to achieve enterprise emblem

    Taixing smelting plant provides high quality products for you only

    • 01
    • Drafting relevant industry standards

      Drafting unit of "Industrial Cuprous Oxide", "Industrial Basic Copper Carbonate" and "Industrial Active Copper Oxide".

    • 02
    • China's high-end production base of cuprous oxide

      The production of cuprous oxide has a long history, and our technology and scale are in a leading position in the country.

    • 03
    • Our self-developed new process fills the blank of China

      Our self-developed air secondary stripping
      production method of high-purity basic copper carbonate has filled the blank of China...

    • 04
    • Focus on industry-university-research cooperation...

      Focus on industry-university-research cooperation, promote Product upgrade, and establish an industry-university-research...

    • 05
    • Excellent equipment, sophisticated testing means

      Relying on excellent equipment and sophisticated testing means, we have certificated to ISO9001 : 2015 quality system.

    • 06
    • Our products are well sold in the world for excellent quality

      Our products are exported to the United States, Western Europe, South Korea and Japan, is the "high-tech products of Jiangsu Province".

    Welcome to our new website!【2018-10-24】


    Welcome to our new website!

    • Corporate vision: To become customer satisfaction, employee happiness, industry-leading...
    • Business philosophy: Customer-oriented development of pioneering and innovative safety...
    • Core values: To know ahead Ming resourceful Tam Lok dedication Jiren.
    • Spirit of enterprise: Integrity rigorous practical struggle.
    • Enterprise mission: To create first-class product quality, create more social value.
    / Knowing progress, knowing what to do, taking responsibility, being dedicated /
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